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I need someone :*
Hyehuiheeee , Assalamualaikum . Sadlife . I have no one.  I have no friend that I can talk to. I have no siblings . My parents are always busy with their works . I have to be strong for them.  I can't be weak infront of them.  But sometime I feel so empty inside.  I don't know what i'm doing now or for.  It's ok to take care of them but sometime I feel so tired and need to talk to someone who can listen to me.  I don't want to talk to friend or family cause I don't want them to see this part of me.  I want to cry but I have no tears.  I want to talk but sometime no word coming out.  It's so empty inside.  I'm afraid that if I talk my problem out, friend will all run away.  If I talk to someone , I'm afraid they will look pity and bored on me.  All I need is just a person that I can talk with everything, give me hug when I need and shoulder for me to cry on.Lately things haven't been going right , one moment I'm happy next I'm sad . I just feel as if nothing good is coming my way and I'm always stuck dealing with other peoples problems . Friends , family pressure , everything . Its just too much .  It seems that I dont have anyone to really turn to. I would like to have someone to talk to that would listen. I just need to vent. Of course I would do the same and listen to someone if they needed someone to talk to. Hmm , Many times, I feel like giving it up, quit it and run away leaving everything and everyone behind . To a place where people are not so judgemental, where there's no pressure or stress to stay in the rat-race, where I can pursue my dream, where there are no boundaries, no one telling me what I should be doing or that I'm a failure . Hmm , Time to wake up from the fantasy world. Looking at my life, its a kind of a mess right now..Although I try to fight back, each day is a struggle. Each day I want to quit, feeling no energy, totally drained, but I continue . Coz when I think of it, quitting everything and running away seems such an easy option, may be easiest! But what about the consequences? And I can pursue my dream or atleast I can prepare for it.
A warrior never quits.
This is so damn difficult for me but I can survive through this, and I will. So here, I decide to face my fears, take it up as a challenge, do whatsoever is necessary and face everyone..
No matter how many times I feel like giving up, I wont! Coz I'm going to survive, by all means! 
 "I don't like you" Hey , who cares baby , the point is . Do i like you ?

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