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Loneliness :*
Assalamualaikum , well I feel like no one cares about me , no one loves me . they don't call me or text me , or anything . I just want someone to text me or call me to saay Hi , that's all . i feel down and out like no one cares about me  and how i feels . I am bored . I want to do things with people but they just don't want to do things with me . Gawdd , why ? I am human too and i got rights . Hmm , well . I feel no one truly cares about me , yeahh me !  Sure some go through the motions .. the point is , do they really care ? If they do . I will eentually scare them off . Now , i want to ask you some question , 

Do you ever feel as if no one wants to be with you? As if no one wants to talk to you or ignores you. This is how i am feeling about my life. :) I want to change my school because i feel that my friends do not like me but whenever they are talking to me its like we are best friends. When they are with their other friends that i am also friends with, they will just start saying stuff in a different language that no one knows, but them two, and start to say stuff. Why cant they just say it out loud? Because it will hurt someone's feelings? Give me a break i can care less about that. All i want to know is what you are saying about me.

I have always been neglected by everyone from their happiness .

Neglected . Me .

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