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Ramadhan ♡
Assalamualaikum ♡ somehow . I really miss my blog . Haha . Since my last update on last year . Hm . This month , i learnt many things . Things that really taught me how to be strong . This month too , i had face many challenges , many problems with my surroundings , with my exams , with my friends for sure . 😁 But i'm so grateful and very thankful to Allah cause he showed me how life was . He knows everythings . He loves me , so that he tested me . Yes , of course i grumbled and cried and asked why i had to this problems as i know i'm not so strong enough . But , i have my friends who always be with me , who comforts me , who be by my side when i need a shoulder to cry on . This ramadhan really taught me how difficult life is . I fought with athirah , and felt like giving up on her , but with my friends advices . I tried to convince myself that i wont give up on her . So yeah , i did it . But we fought about 5 or 6 times . But at the end , i found the happiness . Thanks cah , xuha a.k.a my daddy for giving support to me . I love my friends , and i dont want to lose them . They're everything . But somehow i really miss how close i used to be with ikha . We're getting apart and i dont know why 😭 i dont think so it's just about my exams . Something wrong somewhere . Hm . I miss you yayang 💞 i swear . I'll spend more time with you . I promise sugar pie . And at last , i really thankful cause this ramadhan really taught me how to be strong . How lucky i am . So yeah . Lastly . Tomorrow is Raya day . So happy eid . 😊 bye . 

                                                                                                                Faithfully , 
                                                                                                              Queen W ❤

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