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HAF are my HALF :')
So yah , hye . There's 3 annoying people that somehow can exist in my life . 

I never expect that we can be together . 

I never expect that we can know each other until this point . 

I never expect that all of us can be friend . 

I never expect about all those things .

I kept asking myself , 

How can i be attached with this crazy people . 

But , yah , i dont even care . 

I love them as my friends so much . 

Hazwani . Fatihah . Azrina . 

Thats their names . 

The people that always be with me . 

The people that always lend me their 'high' shoulders for me to cry on .

The people that always ......... 

K . Im so speechless . 

Haha . *i guess thats joke was freaking funny . 

I put my trust on them . 

SO . All of you , 

I just wanna say , thank you so much for bcs have been exist in my life . 

Thanks for always be there for me . 

Thanks for everyday . All of you really make my day . 

Thanks for being with me , through hard times . 

I appreciated that as well x) 

O lord , Thanks , for this 3 precious people . 

You're sending me the right people . 

Thanks for appeared in the right time . 

I need a person , by my side . 

So dont leave me . 

Haha . 

K .

Lastly , i promised , that this triplets will be in my mind , until my last breathe . 

its a pinky promise . 

I lahv them . 

I heart them . 

I need them . 

So . 

Bye .

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