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Hi and welcome to my precious blog.
Queen W and a Directioner.

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Only few days left before im getting back to hostel .

How time flies so fast .

Purpose im writng this post is , 

I want to thank my one and only , 

The best soulmate , 

The best friend ever , 

The best good listener , 

The best motivator , 

She's the best among the best . 

Or , 

She's better than everyone . 

Ya Allah .

Thanks for giving me a chance to make my parents being proud of me . 

Thanks for my results . 

Thanks bcs i never thought that i did the best . 

Mummy , 

If you're reading this ,

Thanks for bought me this phone . 

I never thought that i could have it  .

When you handed me this present , 

I still remembered , your happy and grateful face . 

To be honest , 

I dont want any presents from you , 

All i want is just , 

Your smile and your motivations 

Thats all . 

I couldnt ask for more . 

But ,

Out of the blue , 

You gave me this .

You said to me 

"Thanks for your 7A's , sayang . You really did your best " 

Dear mum , 

If you dont work hard , 

If you didnt hire a home tutor for me , 

Seriously , i cant go this far . 

Your sacrifices made me success 

Thanks a lot mum . 

I couldnt give you some money 


Pay everything back . 

All i can do is .

Giving you my really best . 

My 7As is yours , not mine .

Thanks mummy , 

Thanks for every single things .

I love you so much . 

Thanks for this mummy . 

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