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Worth it :')
"Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had" 

Nowadays . 

Aku tenang . 

Sangat tenang . 

Its been a while i lost this feeling . 

I keep discovering where this feeling had gone . 

I can have a positive thinking now . 

I can . 

Back then , 

Thinking in a positive way was very hardest thing ever 

But now , its vice - versa . 

Searching for someone to split out my feelings , is the best way . 

But as usual . 

I always thought that if i tell everyone about my feelings , my condition . 

It looks like im putting burden(s) on that someone . 

It affects her / him and in return , it affects , me too . 

I could have evrything i need in my life , 

But theres no values if , 

I cant get the happiness . 

Kan ? Haha . 

But , itu semua . 

Back then . 

The past . 

The things that i really want to forget . 

Sekarang . 

I have found myself . 

I have found the old me . 

Its a little bit different

But , 

Itsokay , 

I love to be in this way . 

I didnt have to think about my prob(s) 

Nahhh , i dont mean that , i dont have to think of it at all . 

But sometimes , 

We as a human , 

Have to spend times for ourself . 

We have to relax up our mind , 

I admitted that , 

Back then , 

Theres no time for , 

I keep thinking about others ,

Until , 

I forgot . 

Someone who doesnt appreciates me as well , should i took a good care of them ? 

Haha . 

Thats because i loved someone , more than myself . 

But now , 

How time flies , and make everything changed . 

Puberty did me well . 

I guess i became more matured than before . 

I mean , i found my matuarity based on my thinking . 

But in my styles , 

I confessed , 

I still looked like a kid . 

Ihiks . 

But nah , i don care what people going to say about me . 

Bcs i love the way i am . 

Backwards , 

The negative thinking controlled me . 

It controls all of my actions . 

But , 

At one moment , 

I sat alone in my room . 

I thought that , 

Until when ? I have to be like this . 

I figured what is the best thing for my life , 

And what i can apply to myself to make my life goes on . 

Yah , we're only lived once . 

I want the best for my life . 

And here im . 

I already found what i missed . 

So yeah . 

I still in the same name , 

In the same age , 

In the same appearance . 

But , 

Its a little bit different , 

In my personalities , 

In my attitudes , 

In new character , 


Life taught me tho . 

Babbai . 

Life goes on . Just move on . 

Dont cry over a split milk . 

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