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Queen W and a Directioner.

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GLT'15 ♡

War .Nurin . Linda .Nadd . Hana . Azlin . Azrina .

6 ppl , who make my day brighter 🌈

They're my rainbow who make my day colourful . 

They're my sunshine who shine my day . 

They're my souls that i cant live without . 

Bcs 6 of them . My everything . 

You know what ? 


They're 14 . 

We're not in the same age . 

But yeah , the power of love tied us together . 

I dont care if im being friend with them . 

I really dont care . 

Bcs of what . 

For me . 

They knw me better . 

They helped me a lot when i really need a help . 

They made me smile when i cried . 

They gave me the words when i was totally down . 

Sometimes , 

Juniors are the best . 

I didnt say tht my friends arent good enough . 

But , 

This 5 girls . 

Naaaaah . I couldnt describe them . 

They're just so perfect . 

Nurin - The one and only boobear i ever had . I was so glad for having her . But , we didnt talk too often , bcs of shes very shy with me and i dont know why . 😄 but shes cute to be in tht way . My much love and absolutely my everything ♡ 

Linda - The girl who used to laugh loudly . The girl who always sleep at my room . We shared our problems together . We laughed together . We stayed up late at night and started to talk about life . My strength ♡ 

Nads - The girl who used to make funny faces . She loves to laugh loudly too . But , she wants to move and i really hope that it wasnt true . Pls dont nadd , we need you . Really need you . GLT will not complete nadd . Just pls dont . My happiness ♡ 

Hana - A polite girl . I knw her since last yr . Back then , i thought shes very diffident . But , i was totally wronged . Shes not . Shes very talkative . She told me almost everything abt her life . We shared our stories together and stayed up late at night . I'll ask her every single night "panggil nurin kejap" . Haha . My sunshine ♡

Azlin - The girl who comes to my room everynight . She loves to sleep in my room . She loves to make me laugh . 
I just love her "makcik" styles . Its very cool . Haha . Shes very fab to be in tht way . Haha . She talked too much . And sometimes , she talked and at the end , no one understands her , even herself . Cool right ? She loves to nag too . My loveliness ♡ 

Azrina - haha no need to describe bcs shes my friend . Shes queeneries . 

And even i wrote this . But still , cant describe how much they're mean to me . 

They're everything . 

So . 

Thanks for making my day brighter ☀

Thanks for making my day colourful as the rainbow looks like 🌈

Thanks for making me laugh hardly 😂

Thanks for making us closed day by day 😃

Thanks for being there when i need a person 😁

Thanks for helping me ☺

Thanks for taking a good care of me when i was sick 😢

Thanks for let me be a part of your life 😳

Thanks for the GLT's stick and the others 😜

Thanks for "lepak"ing with me every single night 😄 

Thanks for everything dear love ♡ 

No words to say , just I LOVE 6 OF YOU SO MUCH . 


7 days more and we'll meet . InsyaAllah . 

Its 6 months and lets count together . 

Dont make us apart 😭

Bye .� ☀

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