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Hi and welcome to my precious blog.
Queen W and a Directioner.

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Boobear ♡
" i love you more than i did before ♡ " 

NURIN AQILAH ♡  Uhuks . 

Thanks for coming into my life and giving me joy 🌈 

Thanks for loving me and receiving my love in return ♥ 

Thanks for all the memories that i will cherish forever ✌ 

But most of all , 

Thanks for being with me when i really need you 😍😘 

Boo , 

If loving you is wrong , 

Then i dont want to be right . 

If loving you is a crime , 

Then i would like to be jailed for my entire life in your heart ♡ 

Ihiks . 

You know what ? 

The sun wouldnt be red  ☀🌻

The sea wouldnt be blue 🌊 

The stars wouldnt be bright ☆ 

And it is important for you to know , 

I wouldnt be happy without you , dear love ♡ 

Ermm . 

There're many ways to say I LOVE YOU , 

But not enough words to say how much 😂😭😭😭

I know that behind your smile , there're sorrows , 

Behind your laughter , there're are tears . 

But , 

You have to know that , behind you is me , 

Who always be there for you 😊 

Dear Boo🐻 , 

I love you a little bit more when you call me Booskie ☁ 

I love you a little bit more when i sleep with you 💤 

I love you a little bit more when you smile at me 😃 

I love you a little bit more everydayyyyy , boobear ♥♥

And ,  

Thank you making my heart beat so fast , but so much slower at the same time 💜

Thank you making me smile by being with you 😝 

Thank you for giving me memories for me to keep 👍 

Thank you for making me feel those giggly feelings once more when i thought i wouldnt be able to feel that type of emotions again 💜 

Thanks for being a best friend for me or should i say - a sistur 😂😂😂 
And lastly , thanks for everything boobear . I love you and i'll always do 😊 

Ermm . 

I knw , i annoyed you sometimes , no , i always annoyed you ♡ 

And im so sorry . 

Ai Laf You again . 

Bye boobear . 


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