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Hi and welcome to my precious blog.
Queen W and a Directioner.

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Everything ❤
"You mean so much to me , ❤" 

Boo , 

For my last year , 

I want the night time together , 

Sleeping together, 

Waking up together , 

I want to be with you , 

Just with you 💜 

I want to spend time with you , 

To make memories , 

To spend endless amounts of time with you . 

I want beauiful moments with you , 

I want to be with you on your good days or on your worst days ,

I want to shed your tears , 

I want to comfort you , 

I want to cheer you up  . 

I want you to be with me when im totally lost , 

I want you to hold me , 

I want you to help me when im scared , 

I want you to come right to the edge to see whats there , 

I want to make you happy as you desire , 

Not only for a moment , 

But forever 💓 

I'll always be there , 

With you . 

No matter what is going to happen  ,

Because , 

My love will always be with you . 

I'll give you everything that you want , 

Because , 

If you truly love someone , you want what the best for them , even it means letting go . 

Please , 

Dont make us only temporary . 

I love you ? Yes i do . 

Because , 

You'll always be my forever 💗 

Thanks for being there , 

Thanks for being a perfect sistur . 

I love you , dearest sistur . 

Uhuhks 🌸

                       Bcs nobody compares to you ❤

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