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Rainbow 🌈
Im only a human being 💁 

That can be either happy or grief 😊😭 

I've been thinking , 

Where did the rainbow goes ,

When i'm down , 

When i've nobody to cheer me up , 

When i've no one to make me smile like an idiot 😃 

They said , 

The rainbow doesnt come by itself 🌈 ,

I have to find it . 

Again , 

They said , 

They rainbow is actually everywhere , 

But only me , 

Looking for the most beautiful rainbow 🌈 

Why the rain doesnt give me the most beautiful rainbow that i desire for a long time 

Oh , im a dumb , 

Im waiting for the rainbow to come over me , 

While , 

Im sitting here , 

Waiting for the rainbow , 

Im a stupid , 

Bcs im waiting for the rainbow , 

But , 

Im not searching for it . 

Get my point ? 

No ? 
Haha .

Kbye .

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