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Aku mmg ego , sangat ego .

2 weeks back ,

I lived in a tremendously fake life

Buat mcm nothing happened .

Buat mcm paling bahagia eventho my heart shattered into million pieces

Bcs i knw ,

Klu tunjuk sekali pun ,

No one cares as they have other things to do .

A friend went away , and others were slowly leaving behind

But i believe , they'll find when they're really in need .

Yes .

The bond was broke .

The bond was gone .

My heart broke .

Ntah la , the feeling of suddenly empty inside aint cool .

Nak sedih pun ,

It will change nothing .

I dont know what i really want .

itsokay to let them go , at least , they dont act like they're happy enough with me . 

"you dont have to break whats actually broken"

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